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Received my Nipsey Hussle portrait so quick after placing my order! Everything about it made it feel special loved it! Thank u!

O Gjaba

Calixte Prints came as a recommendation. The site has plenty of beautiful prints to choose from but I inclined towards a custom print to gift to someone. I provided an image of what I thought I wanted and Calixte Prints responded to my query promptly. Within 48 hours a sample print was produced. The image I initially provided to Calixte Prints somewhat lacked definition, but Calixte Prints off their own backs kindly sourced a more striking image of what I wanted. I was then able to compare the two sample prints and just had to go with their recommendation, simply because I was in awe of how stunning the print was. Thank you Calixte Prints! It is the perfect gift and I look forward to placing more orders in the future.

Olivia Hall

Just received my order, very pleased and impressed and will definitely order more for presents and special occasions.

Jackie Finisterre